the spirit of gusto!

Simply put, gusto means “enjoyment or vigor in doing something”. It’s synonymous with words like enthusiasm, appreciation, passion and zeal. The word gusto! is not only our namesake and what we call our product; it’s how we aspire to live.

gusto! is a place where quality intersects with speed. We understand our customers are busy, but don’t want to compromise quality for quickness. We deliver quality food quickly through two areas of focus: ingredients and people.


We use real ingredients. Our dishes are prepared with fresh garlic, ginger, avocados, mango, peppers, goat cheese, basil and more.

We don’t name dishes by a theme. You won’t find a ‘South of the Border’ or an ‘Uncle Harry’s Piled High’ on our menu. We call items by what they are made of, plain and simple. We believe there is beauty and straightforwardness in the ingredients we use and we highlight them.

We go beyond regional menu boundaries. We play with the world’s ingredients instead of limiting ourselves to just one category. At gusto! you’ll find a curry right next to chipotle along side of a pesto.

we would love to:

Offer you a sample of something you’d like to taste

Give you your money back if you didn’t enjoy your experience

Share with you what we’ve discovered about food and flavor

Hear what you think! We’re the curious type and will want your stories and feedback

High-five you on your way out the door


our team members
The spirit of gusto! is embodied by our team members. They are a critical part of the spirit of service that’s a key part of our culture. We want our team to be a bright spot in your busy day. At gusto! you will meet friendly people who are not only genuinely passionate about our mission, but also about making you smile.

Our people work hard. All day every day, we’re chopping, whisking, slicing, peeling, tossing, grilling and toasting ingredients for your enjoyment. We think the results speak for themselves and we want to share them with you!

our customers
Our customers are also part of our culture. We want you to enjoy our food as much as we do, so we have a few ideas to enhance your experience.

the heard mentality

We live in a world where people truly appreciate being heard. Whether on social media, in person, or on the phone, people want to be listened to – they want to have a voice – they need to be heard.

The same goes in the kitchen. All over the world, every kitchen team uses a unique language that may sound funny to someone who’s never experienced it before. It’s common to hear kitchen staff yelling terms like “BEHIND!” “CORNER!” “86!” and “HEARD!” These code words are critical to the operations and safety of the team.

In our business, “heard” means, “I’m listening” or “You can count on me”. Deliberately embracing the notion of HEARD gives our employees the opportunity to communicate with respect, empowerment and fun – even in the middle of a frenzied environment.

The HEARD mentality is a big part of our culture at gusto! and is our internal mantra. We believe that attitude is everything, and we set out each day with the intention of creating a positive impact on our customers and colleagues.

When you’re at gusto!, you’re going to hear “HEARD!” shouted out at some point during your visit. Don’t be alarmed. We’re just talking shop in hopes of making your dining experience perfect.

And don’t be afraid to give us a shout back!

gusto! manifesto

we believe in the power of an open mind.
the rush of discovering your new favorite thing and the joy of sharing it with others.

we believe in being bold.
in choices. in flavors. in life.

we believe in kindness.
it just takes a moment to be the bright spot in someone’s day.

we believe in inspiration.
the people, places and things that impact, influence and drive innovation.

we believe in curiosity.
in asking the questions that lead to more questions, making the world a little bit bigger place.

we believe in people.
connecting with people is why we do what we do.

we believe in giving generously.
there’s enough to go ‘round, so we give what we’ve got.

we believe in an awakening.
the sights, sounds, smells and flavors that ignite our senses and make us come alive.

we believe that attitude is everything.
we shape our days deliberately so we can put a smile on your face.

we believe in living life with gusto!